The 10 Most Mysterious Places in India That Will Give You Goosebumps

Posted on April 30, 2018.

Here's a list of some of the most mysterious places in India.

Watching the video

If I tell you about a place where only twins are born, or where an unknown entity slaps guards, what will be your first reaction? You will feel spooky.

Such occurrences do exist in India. Many monuments have a paranormal history. It is believed they are haunted. While scientists have tried to find reasons, most people associate such happenings with ghosts or with religious beliefs which have been passed on from one generation to another generation.

#1 A river that sucks people in – Khooni Nadi

This might be one of the most dangerous places that you will ever visit. As per HuffPost report, there are various terrifying accounts of people being sucked into the water, but what’s more surprising is the fact that the dead bodies of those people have never been recovered. Would you risk swimming here?

#2 The abandoned village of Kuldhara – Rajasthan

Various paranormal activities have been reported in Kuldhara. Legends say that the last inhabitants were Paliwal Brahmins who cast a curse on this place. Since then, anyone who has tried to re-inhabit the area has been chased out by evil spirits.

#3 A drowning church – Shettihalli

Drowning churches are quite a fascination across the world. Shettihalli may not be the most secret place in India, but it carries intrigue. The church remains drowned for months and emerges when the water level recedes. To some, it appears spooky at sunset.

#4 The whispers of the dead on Dumas beach – Gujarat

People visit beaches to unwind and have fun. But Dumas beach in Gujarat is different. People who have visited it say, they have heard whispers. But when they turn around, they see no person. Others say that they have seen spirits roaming on the beach.

#5 The village that slithers – Shetpal

Most people are afraid of cobras. People run away from them whenever they are spotted. But this village in Maharashtra has a different story to tell. Here, people allocate a separate place for Cobras to rest. And it is mandatory to have a resting place for Cobras in this village. Surprisingly, no snake bites have been reported.

#6 Mysterious twins – Kodinhi

This is by far one of the strangest and the mysterious places in South India. It is so mysterious that it caught the attention of an international team of scientists, which investigated it.

The place has been reported to have more than 500 twin siblings. Locals say this phenomenon dates back to 1949.

#7 Attaining Moksha – The Ganges

The river Ganges is considered the most sacred river in India and is worshipped as a Goddess. But it is believed that the ghats of Ganges located along Howrah Bridge in Kolkata are haunted. Several unnatural deaths have been reported in this area.

#8 Haunting and bizarre behaviour- Alwar

The tiny town of Alwar fascinates me because it looks serene. But several paranormal activities have been reported in Alwar district. The Bhangarh Fort is believed to have a mysterious history and people are advised not to visit the Fort after 6 pm.

#9 Mass bird suicide – Assam

One of the weirdest stories that turned out to be true is about the mass bird suicide in tribal-predominant Jatinga.

As the sun begins to set, hundreds of birds are reported to fall from the sky. Various beliefs prevail about this occurrence. Whatever be the truth, the place holds intrigue for the visitors.

#10 Jamali-Kamali Masjid – Delhi

If reports are to be believed, Sufi saints Jamali and Kamali were buried in this mosque. Paranormal activities have been repor

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