10+ Rarest Medical Conditions That You May Not Have Seen Before

Posted on April 26, 2018.

Do you know what's Cotard's syndrome?

We hardly think about this, but do you know how much efforts and luck it takes to be a fit person? If you’re fit, then you should be thankful to God, because only a small change of a minor-thread like genetic information in your body could force you to work in an entirely different way.

A person is said to be the way they are because of their family background, but it’s scientifically proven that some traits in your personality pass through your family genes, and sometimes they show up after the gap of a few generations. The medical conditions listed in below are the results of such rare situations only, and you may not even have heard of them before.


Those who are born with Oligodactyly have less than five fingers on each hand. However, it doesn’t affect the working of the side. It is usually hereditary.


Precisely opposite to Oligodactyly, in this condition, the sufferers have extra fingers on their toes. At least 1 out of 1000 babies is born with some level of polydactyly. Just like Oligodactyly, it’s an inherited condition.

Cotard’s syndrome

The extreme level of this syndrome leads its sufferers to believe that they are dead. Those who suffer from this syndrome visit the graveyards with intense sadness and depression. Being alive feels unnatural to them.

“Dead” Ohlin from the metal band Mayhem was suspected to suffer from Cotard’s syndrome.

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

This heritable genetic disease leaves the sufferers susceptible to Human papillomavirus infection (HPV). It results in the rapid growth of skin tumours that resemble tree bark.


Sometimes referred to as ‘dancing eyes,’ this brain disorder matches the functions of a labyrinth (a part of the inner ear that controls eye movements). As result, those who suffer from Nystagmus experience the rapid and uncontrollable eye movements.


The lack of an enzyme called tyrosinase causes this situation to occur in an individual. The catalyst is responsible for producing melanin. Without any melanin pigment in the body, the sufferers get whitish body colour and very light toned eyes.

However, the light-toned eyes impair the sufferer’s vision because melanin enzyme is also needed to convert light energy into nerve signals that help people to see.


This condition is commonly known as “the werewolf syndrome” this disease is characterized by excessive hair growth on the body.

Cold Urticaria

The allergy to cold causes this rash. It develops as a reaction to direct exposure to a cold object, ice or water. This small rash can spread over the entire body, induce shock or death.

Alien hand syndrome

Those who suffer from this syndrome have less control on one of their arm. The movement can be complicated, sometimes giving the sufferers a feeling that the hand has a mind of his own.

Foreign Accent syndrome

As a side effect of a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, sometimes people start to speak in a foreign accent. It doesn’t affect their intelligence, but their tone doesn’t sound native one.

Hailey-Hailey Disease

Hailey-Hailey is yet another hereditary disease on this list which is the result of variation of the gene that regulates outer skin. However, this red patch often clears up in a few days leaving no evidence of an outbreak in the first place.


This condition turns the sufferer’s skin into blue or grey-blue toned. This disease doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms.

Source: Witty