14 Different Types Of Hugs That Tell A Lot About Your Relation With Your Partner

Posted on April 26, 2018.

One of the things which set the human race apart is the ability to feel emotions and express it back. From the innumerable gestures which a person can express includes the act of hugging someone.

One of the things which set the human race apart is the ability to feel emotions and express it back. From the innumerable gestures which a person can express includes the act of hugging someone. Whether it is a man or woman, your habits define the kind of personality you are and deeply impact the way you think towards a person. Similarly, the way a person hugs another person reflects the kind of personality and the relationship they carry. Now, when we all are surrounded by relationships and people we love and hate, it’s essential for us to know the following different kinds of hugs which tell about your personality. Who knows that you might be hugging your girlfriend in the wrong manner and you don’t have any kind of bad intentions. Yet the other person wouldn’t know the same.

How do you hug people? It might seem like a rather mundane question, but hugging can actually describe something about who you are.

Indeed, hugging is a common thing to do, but we hug in different ways. Whether you hug in a tight or loose manner, it can always be associated with your personality.

So, are you ready to find out what your hugs say about yourself? Read the story below!

1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa hug

No, it’s not about giving you a history lesson. The next time you meet someone and hug them, notice if you both lean towards each other creating a gap of couple inches between each other’s feet and zero between your heads. It means you are nowhere close to that person and are hugging just for the sake of it.

2. The robot hug

If there’s a consolation then at least in this kind of hug, both the parties involved do it properly and doesn’t make you feel awkward. It can be described as and when the other person is exactly parallel to your body’s posture, nothing more nothing less. You both know how to pay respect to each other, that’s it.

3. The intimate hug

So, it’s like an iterative process and as you grow closer to a person, the more tightly you hold each other while hugging. Either of you leans on the other, telling that you totally rely on each other and will never let go.

4. The suffocating hug

The formerly talked intimacy is missing here and in this case, you cannot run away from the person hugging you and still have to be a part of it. It’s almost like the other person is forcing you to hug and you cannot do anything about it. Or, you don’t feel anything for the hugger but they think that you’re equally attached as they are to you. The hugger’s hands embrace you in a manner that they feel like shackles.

5. The who’s-more-powerful hug

You often see these kinds of hugs when there are two close friends involved; they don’t hug each other because they feel for them or anything like that. But what they intend to is to just get close and beat the shit out of each other’s back by thumping it in the hardest way possible.

6. The pampered hug

This one happens when one of the people is more caring towards another and taps their back gently as a gesture of love. It normally comes from a person elder to you who is concerned about you or you hug someone you care for, in the same manner.

7. The gentleman hug

This even goes for the women out there, the person hugging you embraces you with his/her arms but their hands always stay up the waist’s level. Yes, the waist line is the thin line which differentiates between being a pervert and a gentleman.

8. The pervert hug

Talking about being a pervert, hugging your girl in public by grabbing her ass in front of all is one kind of public display shows the trait. You might be throwing her on the bed at night but hugging her in the said manner makes you appear like a pervert; reflecting your intentions.

9. The friendship hug

In a friendship, it matters a lot how you hug a person and the one which goes around the neck means you’re not worried about what the world thinks. While approaching your friend, if your hand goes around their neck other than hugging in any of the ways mentioned above, then it shows that you’re in for the long haul. And you will stand beside them as long as you can.

10. The lifetime hug

There’s a relationship hug. In this kind, you both are so comfortable in each other’s skin that apart from hugging intimately you drop in one of your hands in the other person’s back pocket of jeans. It makes you feel as if you’re not two separate individuals but one.

11. The in-the-moment hug

This one happens when a couple is in the mood to spend some quality time; it does not matter to them whether they’re inside four walls or in public. The woman wraps her hands around the man’s neck and in return, the man’s hands are holding her by the waist.

12. The prolonged hug

Remember #4 (suffocating hug), this one’s similar to it with one major difference. The difference is both the people involved in a relationship don’t let go of each other until they’re fully satisfied. It’s not a show of power but the warmth they feel while embracing each other tightly. It defines the kind of depth you have in your relationship.

13. The one-from-the-back hug

While your friend/loved one are standing at someplace, you hug them from the back. It means that you’re protective and you’ll always be there to protect her, it is your kind gesture to make her feel safe and secure.

14. The tap hug

This one’s just an acknowledgement thing, whenever you meet another person or cross by her/him; you just pat on their backs. You’re not concerned about what goes on in others’ life but somehow they’ve become a part of your lives and you just meet almost daily. On the same account, pats are passed to each other just like high fives.

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