15 Amazing Things In The World That We Never Imagined Exist

Posted on April 7, 2018.

Mother Nature is full of surprises, from bizarre to beautiful to ugly and so on. Just when you think that you've seen all of this planet, something comes in front of your eyes that makes you say 'Oh, I didn't know that'.

Mother Nature is full of surprises, from bizarre to beautiful to ugly and so on. Just when you think that you’ve seen all of this planet, something comes in front of your eyes that makes you say ‘Oh, I didn’t know that’. It could be the blue spread of the Pacific or greenery of the Amazon Rainforest and even some of the most puzzled shapes and chemical reactions that human mind is incapable of solving. And our planet is so mysterious, even when you’d have seen all of these, there will be something you’ll miss out.

No doubt, we’re surrounded by wonders everywhere, there are so many amazing things in the world which we can’t even imagine in our dreams to exist in reality, but they do.

We at WittyFeed have compiled the photographs of some locations which may force you to start backpacking or leave you wonderstruck at least.

Have a look!

Volcanic lighting.

A volcanic lighting or dirty thunderstorm is a phenomenon which creates lightning and volcanic plume at the same time. However, one of the most famous pictures of this contact between the light and volcano plume is beautifully captured by photographer Carlos Gutierrez.

Frozen air bubbles, Abraham lake.

Just like any other lake around the world, Abraham Lake looks nothing special in most of the seasons, except for winters. During winters, the lake becomes a major tourist attraction and the topic of discussion among the internet users. It happens because the lake creates ‘frozen bubbles’ which adds to its beauty. Its basin country is Canada.

Underground natural spring, Mexico.

This perfect destination for any cave driver is natural, and commonly known as a cenote. A cenote is a natural sinkhole or a pit which results from the collapse of limestone bedrock. Such caves are known to be famously used by people of Maya civilisation for sacred offerings.

Crystal cave in Naica, Mexico.

The ‘Giant Crystal Cave’ or ‘Cave of the Crystal’ is a cave which is connected to Naica mine, Mexico.

Reflective salt float in Bolivia.

Salar de Uyuni (translated as salt flat) is the world’s largest salt flat, covering the area around 10,582 sq. kilometers. This place in Bolivia attracts tourists from around the world.

Beautiful sandstone formation in Arizona.

These waves are sandstone rock formation which is located near northern borders with Utah. This creation is mostly famous among photographers and hikers for its undulating colourful forms.

The Blood Falls in Antarctica.

For all of those who still believe it has something to do with love, it’s not. This terrifying outflow of red water happens because of excess iron-oxide in the salt water. It was first found in 1911 by Australian geologist, Griffith Taylor.

Spiderweb or cocooned trees in Pakistan.

Millions of spider crawled on these trees in Pakistan to escape from flood water. This eye-catching phenomenon is bizarre and natural at the same time. The branches are so caught up in the spider web, that it now gives us a view as if these trees are covered with a large net.

The Underwater Forest, Kazahkstan

In 1911, an earthquake triggered the landslide which blocked the gorge and created the dam. The rainwater soon filled the valley, consuming the spruce trees and giving birth to this beautiful scenery.

Pink Lake or Lake Hillier, Australia

Pink Lake, originally known as Lake Hillier is a lake in Western Australia. It hasn’t been pink for over ten years. Many migrant and native birds surround this lake.

Marble caves, Chile

The General Carrera Lake is located on the peninsula of solid marble, which is the largest lake in Chile and fourth largest in Argentina. The lake is said to be younger than 4 million years.

Split Apple Rock, New Zealand

It is a geological rock formation which is composed of granite. If you look at it closely, then it appears as an apple which is cut in half.

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

This cave is unusual for its hexagonal columns; it is located in the Staffa island, Scotland.

‘Door to Hell,’ Turkmenistan.

This place is a natural gas field located in Derwenze, Turkmenistan. It was burning since 1971 when it was first set on fire by Soviet petrochemical scientists.

Deadvlei, Namibia

This forest is composed of 900 years old trees which haven’t decomposed due to extremely dry conditions. They’re all blackened, but still stand still.

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