22-Year-Old Woman Claims To Have Found A Miracle Cure For Her Acne And Confidence

Posted on April 24, 2018.

A 22-year-old woman named Mollie Cowin, says she has been struggling with acne since the age of 14

She says she has been suffering not only with her own confidence but also with how society perceives her. Her previous boyfriend was also embarrassed by her condition.

She has been trying various washes and creams because her acne got not only on her face but also her chest and back.

Lately, Mollie has found “miracle cure” for both her acne and confidence.

Last year she decided on a permanent treatment called Roaccutane, although with side effect linked to suicide and depressive thoughts she believed it was one last remaining solution.

The spots would form around her chin, the upper lip, and the bottom of the cheeks. “I always believed it was just something that was hormonal until I started feeling judged for my skin,” says Mollie.

She has posted many pictures of her face in an attempt to raise the confidence of the people who have had the same issue with her.

People posting on social media for the self-confidence reasons has, somehow, become an effective trend that is making people embrace themselves and the way they are.

Finally taking life-changing decisions such as using Roaccutane and letting go of the guy that made her feel bad about her skin, Mollie has gained a lot of self-confidence and her skin has improved drastically.

She left the office of the doctor with the drug Roaccutane in hopes that it would help her improve her skin. Through her six-month journey, she claimed that the drug first took time to set in but later showed effect.

She wanted to give up because of the time it was taking the drug to make a difference, but she decided otherwise. She took six-months worth of drugs and has now been off the treatment for eight months.

Although she struggled with side effects such as excess body hair and a challenged mental health, she says her high self-esteem at the moment is absolutely worth it.

She says that even if the acne does come back, she will still keep her confidence.

Source: skinstagra.m