8 Food Superstitions to Tap into on Friday the 13th

Posted on April 10, 2018.

Nothing is as fun, or spooky, as superstitions and old wives' tales. Here are 8 food-related superstitions to keep in mind the next Friday the 13th.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a common food superstition used to encourage kids and adults to make healthy eating decisions. Since this superstition might just be true, try one of these amazing sweet and savory apple recipes.


According to myth, garlic does a double duty by warding off not only vampires, but also the evil eye. If you’re a certified garlic-lover, these garlic-rich recipes are perfect for you (and will keep you safe!).


In what might be the most well-known food superstition, spilling salt will give the klutzy person bad luck. Though, throwing a dash of salt over the left shoulder is sure to protect from evil-doers, incase of any accidental spillage. But, salt isn’t just for eating; here are 20 handy ways salt can be used to clean your house.


Watch out the next time you cut into a loaf of fresh bread! If a large air bubble is seen in the middle of a loaf of bread when cut, superstition says a death is near. Here are some super simple homemade bread recipes that are sure to be hole-free.


In China, long noodles represent a long life. Therefore, you should never cut noodles while preparing or eating them, as it symbolizes cutting your life short. Love noodles? Check out these healthy pastas you’ll want to gobble up.


Tea can help tell and influence your future. Legend has is that the future can be known by reading loose tea leaves; but if milk is added to a tea cup before the sugar it could jeopardize you chances of getting married! Here are some ways tea can lead to a more healthy future.


This superstition is a favorite around Thanksgiving. A wishbone will grant good luck to whomever gets the larger bone half when the wishbone is split.

Black-Eyed Peas

If you want to have a good year, be sure to stock up on black-eyed peas this New Year’s Eve. According to this superstition, if you eat a plate full of of black-eyed peas you’ll have a lucky and prosperous new year. Not sure how to eat black-eyed peas? Here’s 10 delicious ways.

Source: Taste of Home