How to achieve to perfect brow for every face shape

Posted on April 17, 2018.

Top make-up artist reveals simple three-step 'mapping' technique to identify the PERFECT brow for your face shape (and all you need is an eye-shadow brush)

When it comes to eyebrows, the days of over-plucking are far behind us.

Now it’s a case of the fuller the better, which means we’re ditching the tweezers in favour of pencils, powders and gels to emphasise those arches.

Now a top make-up artist has revealed a simple, three-step guide to achieving the perfect brow for your face shape.

Benefit’s head makeup artist and brow expert, Lisa Potter-Dixon, shared her foolproof ‘mapping’ technique with Glamour – and all it requires is a make-up brush.

Benefit’s head makeup artist and brow expert, Lisa Potter-Dixon, revealed her simple three-step secret to achieving the perfect brow according to your face shape

How to create the perfect eyebrows for your face shape

According to Lisa, you can use a make-up brush to identify the three key points of your brow, then a gel powder to fill it out to the most flattering effect.

1. Look straight head into a mirror. Hold a makeup brush at the dimple of your nose straight up to level with your brow. Mark with a line and make this the inner edge of your brow. Starting here slims the nose and balances the eyes.

2. Hold the brush from the edge of your nose through the pupil of your eye to find the arch point. Emphasising the arch here will give you an instant eye lift.

3. Hold the brush from the edge of your nose through the outer corner of the eye to the brow. Ending here will give you an eye opening effect.

Using just a make-up brush to measure the main three points of your brow, and brow powder to fill them in, will leave you with the perfectly proportioned brow, according to Lisa

Lisa also recommends having brows tinted and waxed every four weeks for optimal long term results.

And for those looking for a minimal effort regime, the make-up artist suggests microblading, a permanent make-up treatment which lasts up to two years.

Those looking for minimal effort the make-up artists suggests microblading, permanent make-up which lasts up to two years

Last month semi-permanent make-up expert and ‘browologist’ Samantha Trace revealed that the industry’s focus n the area is bigger than ever in 2018.

‘Brows have become one of the biggest beauty trends and with 2018 being the Year of the Women, the ‘Power Brow’ is fast becoming ‘the’ style to have,’ she told Femail at the time.

‘If you find you have a shape to your brows but lack the fullness, microblading is great way to add in additional hairs to create a fuller brow which saves the daily pencil routine and with brows framing the entire face, stronger frames create better features,’ she added.

Explaining that good brows can knock years of your face, she gave her top tips on healthy brows.

‘Using tiny needles a hair strand can be replicated along with the perfect colour match to give an overall natural look and knock off years’.

‘Caster oil contains high Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which help stimulate hair growth,’ she added.

Lisa recommends the high arch to compliment any face shapes but suggests opting for a soft arch if you are unsure of what to go for

Tips 5 for healthier lashes and brows


Castor oil naturally grows hair as it contains high Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which stimulate growth


Give your lashes regular breaks from mascara and false lashes


Cover lashes and brows with balm after perm or permanent make-up

Be mild

Avoid harsh products like water-proof mascara, which can increase hair loss

Fake it

Choose strip lashes over glue lashes which can damage the natural lash line

Source: Daily Mail