Most Bizarre Guinness Record Entries In 2018 You Never Even Imagined

Posted on May 2, 2018.

Spoiler Alert: There's a record regarding Batman too!

Watching the video

We all love reading Guinness Book of World Records. The book presents an amazing collection of records ranging from sublime to the absolutely ridiculous. Guinness Book of World Records actually challenges our imagination because some of the records we never even thought were possible are accomplished with ease.

So this article is dedicated to such records which made their way into the 2018 edition of the book. There’s a person holding the record for the largest collection of Batman memorabilia. We aren’t even kidding! Want to see more of such records? 1. Tallest high-top fade.

If you would’ve ever played GTA San Andreas, you would’ve had no difficulty in identifying the hairstyle. Unfortunately, Guinness won’t consider CJ’s high-top fade so we present you Benny Harlem.

20.5-inch high-top fade.

Benny holds the record for the highest high-top fade. Benny says that the styling could take upwards of two hours. All we wanna know is how much does he spend on hair wax?

2. Longest fingernails on a pair of two hands

If only Leonardo planted the seed carrying this idea in our minds. Ayanna Williams holds the record for longest fingernails on a pair of two hands. The total measurement is around 18ft and it only took her 23 years to reach the staggering length.

She doesn’t do the dishes.

As if having 18 ft nails and having your name in the Guinness Book of World Records isn’t enough, Ayanna, in order to take care of her nails, doesn’t do the dishes for obvious reasons. We wonder how she manages to pull up her trousers.

All you Batman fans, gear up, the next one’s for you.

3. Largest collection of Batman memorabilia.

‘Dear Santa’. The largest collection of Batman memorabilia belongs to Brad Ladner consisting of just 8226 items. Nope, we aren’t jealous, not at all. But we must point out, every Batman collection is incomplete without a ‘Na na na na Batmannnnn” alarm clock, we hope Brad didn’t forget that.

From a bat to a cat and quite the majestic one, all you cat lovers, the next record is not to be missed.

4. The Longest tail on a domestic cat living.

Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of furrrrr… You thought Guinness won’t let this cat swing his way into the books? You’re wrong. The cat named Cygnus earned brownie points from Guinness for having the longest tail. It has earned brownie points from us at WittyFeed too for having the coolest name.

17.58-inch tail.

Longest tail in a cat? Check.

Coolest name ever? Check.

The most amazing cat photo ever? Check.

Where can we apply for a photo shoot with him?

5. Most people in a camper van.

Turns out, a VW camper van had more utility than transporting hippies from one place to another. So when 50 brave souls decided to cram themselves into the van they made a new world record in the process. If only my mom would’ve let me keep my camper van.

But she wouldn’t allow me to lift dumb-bells at the age of 82 unlike the next person on our list.

6. Oldest bodybuilder.

Jim Arrington at the age of 85 years is the oldest bodybuilder and a living metaphor of the old cliche’ age is just a number. He has competed in 62 competitions and won 16 of them. As brilliant his feat is, we still won’t recommend him to lift heavier than the number of candles on his birthday cake.

7. First prosthetic tattoo gun arm.

For a metalhead, there’s nothing as ‘too metal’, not even a prosthetic tattoo gun arm. JC Sheitan Tenet got his prosthetic tattoo arm in 2016 and has inked his name into the Guinness Book of World Records. The tattoo artist lost his arm 23 years ago and challenged himself to rise above it and he certainly did.

8. First implanted antenna.

No this isn’t a prop and yes it does connect to WiFi, but its actual utility is for something else. Neil Harbisson from the UK implanted this antenna in his skull to effectively hear color, convert light waves into sound waves as he’s colorblind. Kudos to the fact that he didn’t forget about WiFi though.

9. Most basketball slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit

If Michael Jordan were a rabbit, he’d be a GOAT rabbit. You see what we did there? Ok, never mind.

Unfortunately, Jordan isn’t available for selection so the rabbit with most slam dunks in a minute is Bini. Bini made seven slam dunks in a minute, your move Michael.

10. Longest eyelashes.

Because why not? Perhaps You Jianxia thought the same when the idea of growing her eyelashes popped up in her mind. If it gives you a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, who are we to complain?

4.88 inch long eyelashes.

In 2013 she noticed that her eyelashes are having an unnatural size and she decided to grow them even further. Is it us or looking at the picture of her pulling her eyelashes gave a weird sense of satisfaction?

11. Most mustard tubes drunk in 30 seconds

Why would someone do that? But then again, why would half the people belonging to this list do what they did? Nevertheless, the record for the most mustard tubes drunk in 30 seconds belongs to the German Andre Ortolf, gulping 22 tubes worth of mustard. We told you Germans were efficient, didn’t we?

Source: WittyFeed