Give Your Hair The Care It Deserves With These Excellent Tutorials!

Posted on April 28, 2018.

Everyone’s aware of how important it is to give your hair the best care and treatment possible, but sometimes we don’t know what to try!

No worries, beauty star Madina Shrienzada is here to show you the best DIY hair treatment routines in order for you to have outstanding locks of hair. She has over 130k followers on Instagram, and now she’s here to show you the right way to handle your mane!

Fresh out of the shower

Smiling because she’s happy to give us a tutorial!

Get ready for her 20 minute blowout

She’s giving the rolls a thumbs up!

Pretty in pink

Blowout time!

Wow! She’s really rocking that look. Scroll below for the full video:

Here’s another neat trick for you to try:

Lemons? Is this a cooking video or hairstyle video?

Coconut oil too!

What’s she squirting on her hair?

When life gives you lemons, rub them on your hair!

Looking oh so fine Madina! Check out her full video below if you’d like to try it yourself:

Happy Sunday everyone!

Source: MetDaan