Grumpy gorilla has a face like thunder but his baby son just wants to play

Posted on April 27, 2018.

This grumpy gorilla really isn't in the mood for monkeying around.

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The majestic beast just doesn’t seem to want to play with his young son, who tries repeatedly to engage his dad in a game.

And even though youngster Ajabu is just a few days old when the picture was taken, dad Richard still doesn’t want to engage with his new son.

Ajabu tugs at dad Richard’s leg but the older gorilla is not interested in playing

The pictures were captured by amateur photographer Lucie Stepnickova, at Prague Zoo, where she has been taking pictures Richard and his growing family for years.

She said: ‘I’ve been visiting Richard for 11 years at the zoo, and have loved seeing his family grow around him.

‘Baby Ajabu is incredibly magical and smart. He always looks like he is smiling, and very playful. Seeing him play always brings a smile to my lips.

‘On this day, his dad Richard didn’t really seem in quite such a playful mood, but it is always a real treat to be able to watch the father and son interact with each other.’

The playful youngster tries to get his dad’s attention but he just crosses arms and ignores his son

Source: Daily Mail