Killed the dog that his family grow up in class meeting, young man receive the ‘Retribution’ immediately when scream loud sound as dog make neighbors scared

Posted on May 2, 2018.

(The blogtamsu) - The true story for the retribution when killing dogs may not be enough to warn many people, even kill the dog that they grow up themselves then have to receive bitter consequences.

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Dog  is considered as a traditional meal in Asian countries. Although it seems to be inhumane and can be condemned in the West, but in Asian countries, especially China, Vietnam and Korea, dog meat is still a dish that is preferred because of its high nutrition as well as its distinctive flavor. Therefore, every festival or usual meeting, dog meal are at the top of the list of processed dishes, especially in the village of Vietnam, where dog is grown up as a house keeper and close with the owner as a friend.

But if the story foe other bad acts bring the consequence from the previous life to follow life, the crime of killing dog must be retrieved immediately. Typically the story of Chinese family recently. On this family holiday, this family was organized and invited many people to their home to have dinner . And instead of preparing regular meals, the family decided to slaughter the dog that had kept them for years.

The dog still seemed to be fed as usual so it waved his tail happily until its owner approached it, but it was unbelievable that it was only a few minutes later that it had been tied up and killed savagely,  just to satisfy the infertile owner’s eating needs.

The man was punished when going by four legs like dogs

However, the  retribution came soon, right after the fateful meal, the man who directly killed the dog was transformed as a dog”. Immediately following that meal, this person had a seizure and then began crawling with four legs around the house – just like a dog. Not only four-legged creepers, he occasionally twitched his limbs in the same way that the dog was tied to slaughter. It is unclear whether after being punished, he can cure or not but this is a clear evidence for the law – the result in life, making bad thing will be resentment.

Nhung Nhung