After making love without doing this, both male and female also will face with inevitable danger

Posted on April 27, 2018.

5 things that happen when you do not wash your penis or vagina after having sex

After enjoying a great sex session remember to keep yourself clean and odour-free down there. A smelly or greasy penis or vagina is never appealing. So in case you skip washing your vagina or penis after sex, remember that you could suffer these side effects according to gynaecologist Dr Anindita Dhar.

Build up of smegma: Not cleaning this part will result in a build-up of smegma both in men and women. Smegma which is white in colour is just dead skin cells and is usually harmless. However, sufficient build up can cause irritation and infection.

Infection: You might just want to be careful about getting your semen trapped under your foreskin as it may lead to an infection.

The bacterial build-up in labia: It is imperative to keep your vaginal area, including the labia and the vulva, clean to restrict any bacterial build-up and avoid certain infections.

Smelly genitals: Body odour doesn’t spare your genitals especially when you had a steamy sex session, and a sweaty penis or vagina cannot hide its smell unless you wash it after you have done the deed.

Penile thrush: Who says yeast infections are only associated with women. Men can also suffer from the same, especially due to bad hygiene. And this is not just restricted to bad odour, it can also lead to discomforts like pain and itching.

Source: Health Site