Since it was in the womb, it had the instinct of the evil bird. Its name is … 😠

Posted on April 28, 2018.

(Blogtamsu) - As soon as the eye has not opened, the baby howling birds has instinct of the evil bird.

Watching interview

In the breeding season, mother howling bird will look for a nest of other birds. It will jump into the nest to deliver one of its eggs. Due to the same size eggs and similar pattern so this poor family birds  have to take care of other bird’s egg that not realize.

Just before the eyes open, the howling bird attacked the other birds during 1 hour after hatching.

By the continuous attack,  baby howling bird uses the tip of the  beak to bite and shake the ‘poor small birds’ like a hunting beast. Until the young bird is immobile, it renounces the target and passes into another young bird.

When all the real young birds died, it became the pet bird of the adoptive parents.

At that time, no one can compete for food with it, plus the ability to mimic the call when being hungry to require food from parent bird.

When it has enough feathers and wings, it will fly without a  gratitude word for its foster

Nhung Nhung