Women reveals how to tummy tuck has transformed her body

Posted on April 21, 2018.

Woman who was left with sagging skin and breasts like 'deflated tube socks' after losing 90LBS happily reveals her toned physique and flat stomach after undergoing a tummy tuck

A mother-of-two who managed to lose 90 pounds in just one year, has revealed how invasive surgery to remove excess sagging skin from her stomach has brought her weight loss journey full circle.

Rachel Graham, 26, from Nova Scotia in Canada officially started her weight loss journey in June 2015 at ‘229ish’ pounds, following the birth of her second son.

Suffering from an eating disorder throughout school, when Rachel found out she was pregnant with her first child, she allowed herself to eat whatever she wanted and her weight spiraled out of control.

Before and after: Rachel Graham, 26, from Nova Scotia, Canada, has revealed how a tummy tuck and breast lift has transformed her body and her confidence

Transformation: The mother of two managed to lose 90 pounds in just one year and started her weight loss journey in June 2015

Big changes: Rachel suffered from an eating disorder as a teen but rapidly gained weight during her first pregnancy (pictured left in 2008 and right in 2014)

Breaking point: Rachel finally decided to lose weight when she found herself ‘depressed’ and ‘out of breath’ doing ‘simple tasks (pictured left in 2015 and right in March 2018)

She would go from eating hardly anything to binging, and although she tried different diets, wraps, and weight loss pills, she would always gain back whatever she lost.

Prior to getting pregnant with her second son, Rachel weighed 235.8 pounds.

However, she gained an additional 10 pounds while pregnant and got up to 245 by the end of the pregnancy.

On her blog, Rachel explained that she finally decided to lose weight when she found herself ‘depressed’ and ‘out of breath doing what should have been simple tasks’.

‘I was tired of crying. I was tired of being lonely,’ she wrote. ‘I never wanted to make plans with friends, I had become antisocial. I wanted to be a better mom. A happier mom.’

Rachel also admitted that her grandmother suffered from, and eventually died from complications relating to obesity.

Documenting her weight loss on her Instagram, Rachel has amassed over 226,000 followers thanks to her searingly honest posts and pictures where she shows off the realities of losing so much weight in such a rapid amount of time.

And while she hasn’t been ashamed to show off the sagging skin left behind by her weight loss, on March 23rd she underwent an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair ‘for a variety of reasons’.

‘These include rapid weight gain during my first pregnancy after battling with an eating disorder, having huge babies, and ultimately from losing 90 pounds,’ she wrote on a post showing off the results of her surgery.

She also had a breast augmentation and periareolar lift to restore the volume she lose post weight loss and breastfeeding.

Source: Daily Mail